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Managing Symptoms…

As part of my quest to burn down/ salt the earth of the stigma against mental illness in this country, I occasionally post about my depression. I don’t want this to be the blog where that’s all I post about, … Continue reading

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Another Short, Sharp Argument…

This series, (I didn’t think it was going to be one), could also be called, “Killing Your Sacred Cows with a Single Stroke”. Today’s target: “The Free Market” I can’t type that phrase without quotation marks because “The Free Market” … Continue reading

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Writing Updatery…. Pt. who knows?

It’s been 8 days since I posted anything here. Suppose I should remedy that. Where are we on the writing front? Just finished a 5,000 word short story. Completely new characters and setting. A bit of the old fashioned Sword … Continue reading

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Karma’s a Bitch…But not Really

If you thought this post would be more about Argumentation, sorry. It won’t be. But, it is going to be about one of my other pet-peeves of American ignorance: Karma. Here I’m going to do something that “they” say one … Continue reading

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Me, at 40.

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Putting the Civil Back in Civilization: Argument – Pt III

When not to Argue, or, Sometimes it’s just fucking pointless. This is a big thing. Which is why I’m shoe-horning it in before a long discussion about fallacies. In pt I of this series I made mention of when argument … Continue reading

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What Makes a Man?

Hey folks, time to talk a bit about Masculinity. (I know, I know. Why haven’t I finished the series on Argument yet? Well, too many reasons to go into here, but soon, my friends, soon…) So, I was driving for … Continue reading

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