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It’s New Year’s Eve…

…And I hate being sick during the holidays. For a week now, I’ve felt like the crusty floor of a NYC taxi cab, sometime after the ball has already dropped. My sinuses feel like Mardi Gras after the beads ran … Continue reading

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Bullying and Children…

Been a bit of news about bullying lately… Thought I’d weigh in. So, recently a video went viral of a kid here in Tennessee, making an emotional plea for people to stop bullying. If you’ve spent any time on Twitter … Continue reading

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NANOWRIMO 2017: The Wrap Up

Ok, admittedly this title would make more sense if I had done more than one Nanowrimo post. Mea culpa. To answer the big question first: No. I did not manage to write 50k words of a novel in the month … Continue reading

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