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Writing Update: Pt. umpteen-ish

Seriously, I have no idea how many writing update entries I’ve done. (I know, I could like, look it up, but whatever…) So, on the novel front: I have 8 literary agents I’m either waiting to hear back from, or … Continue reading

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Putting the Civil Back in Civilization: Argumentation for the Very Busy (part II)

Everything on Earth with substance has a form.  A pattern of arrangement by which we recognize it as an individual entity – a thing unto itself. Argument is no exception. (If, at this point in time you haven’t read the … Continue reading

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A Brief Interlude

Hi guys and gals, I had planned to post the second part of my Argumentation for the Incredibly Busy series, but life, as it does, got in the way. Nothing too serious, please don’t worry. The Wife and I had … Continue reading

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