Drawn to Flame - eBook

Drawn to Flame

Haunted by a past he can’t remember, and a gruesome case he’d like to forget, the last thing private detective Caleb Carson wants is to help a wealthy eccentric recover a stolen artifact – no questions asked. But the bills are piling up, and the money’s too good to refuse.

He’s got three days to retrieve an ancient dagger, but before he can even begin the investigation, Caleb is confronted by the world of hidden magic, and the men who will do anything to possess power.

Caleb’s no magician, but he’s used to whipping up a few tricks to even the odds. When a cult of fire worshipers marks him for sacrifice, things start to heat up in the sleepy city of Knoxville. If he’s not clever, the case, and his life will go up in flames.

Will Caleb survive, or will he burn like the others before him?

Find out in Drawn to Flame, the first novel in the Third Eye Detective series.

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