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A Discussion on Virtue

I had an interesting discussion today, which was rare. Not that interesting discussions are rare – merely uncommon as of late – but that the discussion happened on social media is the rare-making aspect of it. Background: There has been … Continue reading

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Perception is Nine Tenths of the…

So, you might have noticed that the subheading of this blog is: “Cultural Commentary for the Perpetually Groggy”. Other than having a nice ring to it, it does serve a purpose. Generally, I think that the vast majority of us … Continue reading

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A Little Sunday Morning Rage for You…

You know how some people claim to be addicted to the internet? (I’m sure some people are actually, according to the DSM addicted, they’re not who I’m talking about). I think, in most cases, people just don’t know what their … Continue reading

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Happy 2016!

And how is your New Year shaping up? One of the things I like best about the changing of the calendar is all of the yearly wrap-ups, countdowns, and look backs. I kind of like conglomerated information. Saves me from … Continue reading

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