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Making Your Way in Uncharted Territory…

So, I was watching one of the people I follow on YouTube. It was the first time they’d posted in a while. I dig their content, so I was curious about the absence. By luck, it happens that this very … Continue reading

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Putting the Civil Back in Civilization: Argument – Pt III

When not to Argue, or, Sometimes it’s just fucking pointless. This is a big thing. Which is why I’m shoe-horning it in before a long discussion about fallacies. In pt I of this series I made mention of when argument … Continue reading

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Putting the “Civil” Back in Civilization #1

So, this post is the first of what is going to be an ongoing series. They won’t all be consecutive. They’ll come up when I think of something, but they’ll all be under the heading, “Putting the Civil” Back in … Continue reading

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