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The Abyss…

As it seems the Ghost of Sinus Funk Present has decided to manifest its own brand of holiday spirit inside my head, and I am now on everything but roller skates to deal with its less than tender ministrations, let’s … Continue reading

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Karma’s a Bitch…But not Really

If you thought this post would be more about Argumentation, sorry. It won’t be. But, it is going to be about one of my other pet-peeves of American ignorance: Karma. Here I’m going to do something that “they” say one … Continue reading

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And You didn’t Think You were a Farmer…

For some unfathomable reason I woke up thinking about parables this morning. So, this post might be a little heavy on the parable and metaphor. Also, this will not constitute some kind of introductory class on what parables and metaphors … Continue reading

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A Short, Sharp Argument

Here is a bit of guerilla philosophy for you… …some drive-by reasoning, if you will. (Look away now if you are at all squeamish, or prone to religious fervor…) So, Here in The South, (yes the capitalization is intentional, just … Continue reading

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Just the Facts Ma’am…

So, it’s been an interesting week, what with the Supreme Court upholding the constitutionality of healthcare subsidies and declaring that a ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. I live in the South. I’m surprised I haven’t seen or heard more … Continue reading

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Equality: Get with It

So, for those of you that have seen your social networking sites turn into seas of red-backed equal signs, I suppose you may have figured out by now that something fairly important is going on. Yesterday, The Supreme Court heard … Continue reading

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