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Karma’s a Bitch…But not Really

If you thought this post would be more about Argumentation, sorry. It won’t be. But, it is going to be about one of my other pet-peeves of American ignorance: Karma. Here I’m going to do something that “they” say one … Continue reading

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Trigger Warnings…

…Or: The Latest Cultural Artifact we’ve Run off the end of the Goddamn Earth with. Disclaimer: If you have legitimate, no-shit, diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I give you a pass on this – assuming, that is, that you are … Continue reading

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Coversation Kills…

… Yeah, that’s a line from a song. Bonus points if you know it. Sorry I’m a little late with this post, but I’m on something like a vacation and it can’t be helped. Been a while since I posted … Continue reading

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Working for a… Living?

Well hell. Finals are done for the semester, and now that some of the fog has cleared off my brain, I notice that this blog has gone, woefully, without new content for entirely too long. Time to fix that… So, … Continue reading

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