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Still Alive?

Yeah, pretty sure that’s the case. So, a quick look tells me the last time I posted here was August 6th, 2020. Some things have happened since then. No doubt in your life as well, but let’s not forget we’re … Continue reading

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Coping Strategies…

In a trend that is threatening to become the norm, I can’t muster the concentration to write the post I sat down to write this morning. Maybe it’s just mornings? (some days there just isn’t enough coffee.) Thankfully it’s not … Continue reading

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Hot Mess…

So, I was trying to write a completely different post this morning. If I’m very lucky, I’ll be able to finish it sometime this week. But that will be entirely predicated on my mind not sparking like a nest of … Continue reading

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Something About Writing…

So, it’s been a minute since I wrote anything about writing. (Feel free to untangle that linguistic knot at your leisure.) Truth is, I haven’t felt much like writing, lately. I’ve wanted to, just like I’ve wanted to go to … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Vaguely Uncomfortable Side of Sharing, Make Yourself a Drink…

I had plans today. Plans to go to the gym. Plans to work on my current novel. Plans to write back cover copy for my self-publishing marketing push. None of those things happened… …Because my brain is being an asshole. … Continue reading

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Managing Symptoms…

As part of my quest to burn down/ salt the earth of the stigma against mental illness in this country, I occasionally post about my depression. I don’t want this to be the blog where that’s all I post about, … Continue reading

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