The Malaise…


If you’ve had enough of the bullshit, or are anywhere near your point of being overwhelmed, maybe skip this one. It gets ranty.

So, I’m standing in my kitchen mug of black coffee in one hand, Solo cup full of dry Lucky Charms in the other, when the malaise hits me.

(as an aside, does anyone else think “malaise” sounds like what happens if you leave mayonnaise out for too long? Just me? Okay then…)

And like, I get it, everybody’s got the malaise recently. Worldwide pandemic. Stay at home orders. Absolute clueless cunts running our government.

Yeah, we got 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one.

I dig.

Like, here’s another thing:

I tend to believe the old adage that 98% of what we think of as Evil is just Stupidity.

I feel that in my bones.

But staying abreast of the news lately has convinced me that a non-zero portion of the broader populace, and a larger portion of our governing body, are actively nudging across the line into that 2% of pure fucking villainy.

Ever have that one friend? You know the one, they have problems, they know what the problem is, they even know of possible solutions, but still, they don’t do a goddamn thing to change their situation?

(Everybody has one of those friends. If you don’t, then it’s you sweet pea. Look into it.)

Prime example:

The vice president went to visit a facility full of COVID-19 patients. I saw it on the news.

And the only person not wearing PPE was him.


Did he think we wouldn’t recognize his Jonny Quest lookin’ ass with a mask on?

Does that motherfucker think Jesus is his personal protective equipment?

Well, maybe that last one, given the current VP.

But no, he’s just shilling for a particular bullshit piece of propaganda being used to prop up a bankrupt worldview/ policy stance.

And it’s shit like that, and assholes in positions of authority who are consummately bad examples -for any reason, give me the malaise.

It’s examples like that that lead to roughly 75% of the people at my local grocery store not wearing masks or taking any kind of precautions.

Seriously strips away my hope for the human race.

Here’s another coin tossed into the well where we’ve chained hope to die:

Fekkin’ politicians, super-rich cocksuckers, using this crisis to funnel more of the taxpayer’s money into the pockets of other rich cocksuckers, and leaving to poor and middle class to choose between privation and destruction, between staying home, staying safe – and starving, or risking actual death in order to line someone else’s pockets or to help the Stupid-Fucking-Stock-Market™ rebound.

And here’s another-fucking-thing for my heaping helping of the malaise:


Right. Some basic bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy shit.

Farmers are discarding huge amounts of produce. Literal tons of edible food, being thrown away. (And we already do enough of that when there wasn’t a pandemic on…).

The news telling me that livestock producers are looking to kill hundreds of thousands of animals because too many processing plants have been closed, and they can’t get them to slaughter.

Not for nothing, but did any of you Tweedle-Dee Twats think about just letting the poor animals live?

(Maybe they did, but I’ll bet you a stimulus check – that we’re not going to get again because rich fucks want us to be serfs and indentured servants – that this decision to kill off stock came down to financial considerations rather than humane ones.)

Kill the animals. Let the food go to waste.

When we have hungry people all over this country, and at least some infrastructure, vis-a-vis food banks, to distribute it to them?

And why?

Because of fucking money, that’s why.

Because human greed.

If there ever was a time for Americans to wake up and see exactly how we’re killing ourselves, it’s now.

This is the fucking moment.

All the stars have aligned.

The scales have been yoinked from our eyes.

And still, we don’t.

Some of us won’t.

Fucking WON’T.

And that gives me the malaise.

(Also the fact I kept trying to spell malaise as mailaise this entire post.)

Thanks for listening.

Keep your heads up and your guillotines sharp.

Until next time…











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I'm a writer, and someone generally crazy enough to think other people will be interested in his deranged thoughts. Author of the 3rd Eye Detective Novels. You can also find me on Twitter @tessrants
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