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And You didn’t Think You were a Farmer…

For some unfathomable reason I woke up thinking about parables this morning. So, this post might be a little heavy on the parable and metaphor. Also, this will not constitute some kind of introductory class on what parables and metaphors … Continue reading

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The Decline of Western Civilization…

Okay… What the hell is this entry going to be about? I’m all ears. Good, glad to have you with us. I’ll get to the title of this thing eventually. But first, come on a little journey with me, won’t … Continue reading

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The Desperation of Education

I’m a student. I think I’ve mentioned that before. I’m not wealthy. I think that’s come up too. Those two things together mean, because grants won’t cover my education and I can’t afford one without assistance, that I have to … Continue reading

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