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…So, how ‘ya been? Sorry I’ve been away for a bit. Honestly, it was longer than I would have liked. I had about a week after my book release, and I got Sofa King™ sick, have been out of commission … Continue reading

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Hey Guys and Gals…

It has been a minute, hasn’t it? I had a goal of posting here, at least once per week. If you’re a regular hereabouts, you’ll have noticed that didn’t quite happen. Mea Culpa. But Tess, you ask, what have you … Continue reading

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Is This Thing On?

Hiya. Been a while. How have you been? Can’t recall the last time I posted something here. Thought I’d drop in, for a minute, and remedy that. I remember, some long time ago, having a goal of posting here at … Continue reading

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Updatery: Been a Minute

Hi, Yeah, I’ve been absent from these pages for a while. Been a little busy. Thought I’d share an update. The Wife and I bought a house, back in the middle of August. We’re still unpacking. We’re also both first-time … Continue reading

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