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Safety (Pin) Concerns

The other day, on Twitter, I was accused of trolling an individual – who I’m not going to name here. Now, I will admit to taking the piss out of people from time to time; mainly just my friends. But … Continue reading

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Batshit Quickies

I’ve been trying, for nigh on a week now, to write a post about something, anything, that didn’t devolve into some rage-fueled rant-fest. I have not succeeded, as you may have noticed by my lack of posting. I assure you, … Continue reading

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Atheism, a FAQ…

So, I’m an Atheist. I’m not coming out, or anything. Most everyone I know and care about already knows this about me.  But, in recent months, and very much lately, I’ve found myself in the position of having to explain, … Continue reading

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