The Part of the Conversation…

The world seems to be on fire right now.

I have been trying to find a way to process it, to turn it into some kind of positive action.

I like to imagine many of you have been making the same attempt.

Let me say that, if like me, you’ve been floundering, there is no blame in it.

Overwhelming things will overwhelm. It’s why we call them that.

No shame in being overwhelmed. You will come out of it at some point.

The world will not break you.

(and yes, I need to hear that as much as some of you do.)

So, I’ve been trying to process this insanity we call life. I’ve had things to say. Many other people have said them better and with more eloquence. And sometimes I find it just isn’t the place for a white, cis, hetero dude to try to occupy the bandwidth. Sometimes it is just better to listen.

But I still feel like there is something I can add to the discussion; something I should add.

Something I haven’t yet seen talked about regarding the current state of affairs.

It started when I watched an interview with the Mayor of St. Paul, MN. It was the first time, but oh not-the-fucking-last time I’ve heard this phrase used:

“We need to have the conversation.”

The phrase is usually uttered when the feet hit the streets. When the people come out to protest. When the protests turn violent.

We need to have the conversation…

I’ve got news for anyone using this phrase – especially if they’re using it to tell rightly upset people to calm down and behave.

We are having the conversation.

I grew up in what is politely called an unstable home. And I can tell you with dread certainty that we have been having this same conversation, for decades now.

And this is the part where the conversation gets loud.

Some of you, dear readers, know this too.

Like a law of nature.

As sure as gravity:

Any conversation that continues too long without resolution, will get noisy.

Will get violent.

This is part of the conversation we’ve been having.

It will continue to be part of the conversation until we come to terms.

Until we no longer need to have this conversation.

To that end, the only thing we can do, other than protect ourselves, is to decide how we want this conversation to end.

Take some time to think about that.

And take more time to listen to the people offering solutions that move us forward.

I’ll be doing the same.

Until next time…




About tessarnold2

I'm a writer, and someone generally crazy enough to think other people will be interested in his deranged thoughts. Author of the 3rd Eye Detective Novels. You can also find me on Twitter @tessrants
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