WARNING: Political Shit…

Yeah, I’m back on the horse.

So, if you’ve read anything on this blog besides my book stuff, you’ll likely have noticed I tend to encourage people to get involved in politics, local, state, and federal – regardless of one’s political affiliation.

I do that because I think, other than possibly paying taxes, it’s the one duty we have to fulfill in return for the freedoms we enjoy. And it’s really not that difficult. Tedious sometimes, but not difficult.

And if you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you’ll also have noticed I tend to lean to the left of center. I try not to push those beliefs on people, because beliefs are by their very nature personal, and everybody’s got differing personal circumstances.

I tend to content myself with cheering you into action.

I’m not going to do that impartial rag here.

I’m voting for Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nominee for president.

If he gets the nomination, I’ll vote for him to be president.

If he doesn’t I’ll vote for whichever Democrat gets the nomination, save for Mike Bloomberg, because fuck that racist, classist, oligarch mother fucker.

Now, here’s my background, just to calm any fears that I might be one of those oh so frightening “Bernie Bros”. In the last election, I voted for Hillary Clinton. Early on in this primary race, I donated to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign, twice.

I no longer support Warren because she back-pedaled on healthcare. It’s that important a cause to me. I’m not a single-issue voter, but as the primary has gone on Warren has backed down from or seriously diluted her stances on most of the things I care about.

Things change, and we change with them.

Bernie has not shifted his stance one step.

He’s still pushing Medicare for all.

He’s still behind the Green New Deal.

He still wants to get rid of the for-profit prison system.

He wants to forgive all student loan debt – something we, as a nation can easily do, and something that will seriously boost the economy overnight.

He will end putting children in fucking cages!

Call me strange, but that matters to me.

Check out his platform for the rest.

As for electability, he’s gotten the most votes in all of the first states so far. Nevada looks like it will be third verse same as the first. He’s doing so well the media has finally had to end their total blackout of his campaign, although now they talk about him like his presidency will be the Decline of Western Civilization. It won’t.

He can get elected. And he can beat Trump.

I believe in Bernie.

To that end, all my political energies will be going to try to help him win the nomination and get elected as President.

Please take a look at his platform.

Please consider if he stands for what you want the US to be.

Then, don’t just talk about it.

Get out and do something.

This country and this planet are ours to lose or to save.

Which one do you want?

Until next time…

About tessarnold2

I'm a writer, and someone generally crazy enough to think other people will be interested in his deranged thoughts. Author of the 3rd Eye Detective Novels. You can also find me on Twitter @tessrants
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